Certified Resilient Workplace (CReW)

This pioneering initiative aims to redefine the approach to mental health in the workplace by prioritising prevention and cultivating a culture of resilience.

Caroline is available to help your organisation attain and maintain Certified Resilient Workplace status, displaying your commitment to proactive mental health. The Certified Resilient Workplace (CReW) program empowers and acknowledges workplaces that proactively foster a culture of resilience, enhancing mental well-being by prioritising preventative mental health strategies. Our mission is to transform workplaces into supportive, thriving environments, creating a world where mental health is not just managed, but championed.

Why Resilience?

Hello Driven is a research and training organisation that is at the forefront of developing a comprehensive model of resilience that protects mental health and develops thriving communities and workplaces. Caroline is a Hello Driven accredited instructor and Implementation Partner who brings this training to life.

The CReW program provides a tangible and measurable approach to develop a culture of resilience through accredited neuroscience-based tools. The CReW program symbolises best practice – a roadmap to embed a philosophy of prevention. Participation in the program shows a commitment from an organisation to more beyond being reactive, and towards being proactive.

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