With an extensive history of delivering a wide variety of courses, Caroline is a highly respected and well-known instructor, who is highly sought after for course delivery across the entire country. She is also often invited to be a keynote speaker at conferences.

Caroline's impressive and extensive corporate list covers all sectors of society. Some of her clients include Industrial Light & Magic (Australia) Pty Limited® and Jirsch Sutherland Insolvency Solutuions®.

Industries covered include:


Child Care Centres 

Child Protection Agencies

Chiropractors (plus CA's & Students)

City Councils

Crisis Support groups

Exercise Physiologists


Insolvent Sector     

Leagues Clubs       


Massage Therapists       

Medics, (Surgeons, GPs, Nurses, Paramedics etc)     

Mining, Oil & Gas     

NSW Transport         

Occupational Therapists 


Other Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance, SES & RFS) 



Pilots, Cabin Crew & Ground Staff       

Psychologists & Psychiatrists       






Sports Clubs     

Steel Works

Support Network Groups (including major charities)         


The Armed Forces & Other Protection Agencies

The Banking Sector     

The Building Trade       

The Farming Community       

The Legal Profession     

The Music & Film Industries             

The Retail Sector     

The Performing Arts

Universities (Students, Staff & Faculty)   

Various Drug & Alcohol groups     

Various Fitness Clubs/Gyms & Personal Trainers

Various NDIS groups               

Yoga Instructors       

and other Corporate clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers.
If your question is not answered here, or you require more information, please send us an email or give us a call. We endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

Where is Rejuvenating Spirits based?

Our Head Office is in Nabiac on the Mid North NSW Coast.

Do you deliver courses Interstate?

Absolutely! This can be done face to face or via Zoom. Please note however you can not mix the two together at the same time. 

Do participants need any prior qualifications or knowledge to attend a course?

No, all are welcome to attend.

Please note that Blended MHFA Courses will have an e-learning component that needs to be completed before you can attend the second section (Zoom or 1 day f2f)

How many people are need in order run a course?

The minimum number to run a course online is 6 – the maximum is 12 for MHFA courses and 15 for all others. 

The minimum number for face to face is 6, maximum is 20 for all courses. 

I only have a small group, is the costing per head?

No, the costings are for the maximum number. You can have up to a maximum of 12 MHFA participants on line (15 for other courses) and up to a maximum of 20 for face to face for all courses. You may wish to amalgamate with others if you have spare places eg parent and teacher groups, or lawyers, accountants, and insolvent groups etc. or you may wish to consider attending a public course either via Zoom or in person. 

Please take a look at the calendar for dates for upcoming courses.  Please note the public MHFA courses are also on the MHFA website which is regularly updated however, you will be unable to make a booking via that site. 

For all other courses, please give us a call or send an email

Do I need to supply a room and catering?

The venue hire and any catering, if required, is solely the responsibility of the client. At the very least tea, coffee and water must be provided for all participants and the instructor. Parking must also be provided free of charge for the instructor. The instructor can provide a screen, projector and sound etc, if you do not have your own.

We have a room available; how does it need to be set up?

Ideally, please set up tables and chairs in a U - shape. This allows for people to interact with each other freely. Board rooms with a single long table can be difficult (but not impossible) if participants are unable to move around. A whiteboard is also desirable but not essential. A breakout room or a quiet space should also be available in case participants are triggered and need to take a short break. 

Does the cost of the course cover anything else?

The manuals and any other course materials are included in the costing. However, any travel, parking fees & tolls, flights, accommodation, meals etc are additional charges to the actual course delivery. 

Please note that Caroline is located on the Mid North NSW Coast.

We are interested in an online course, are there any time restraints?

There is no pre-course work to undertake for CALM CARE, CALM and the Accidental Counsellor courses.

Resilience First Aid has approximately a 20 minute pre workshop task that MUST be completed BEFORE a participant can attend the Zoom sessions or attend the 2 day face to face course.

MHFA Australia requirements for all the Blended courses, which all have an eLearning component attached to them, MUST be completed BEFORE a participant can attend the Zoom sessions or attend a one-day face to face session. The maximum time frame between starting the eLearning component and attending the Zoom sessions/one day face to face component is 3 months. Extensions will not be granted. There is no pre-work if attending a 2 day face to face course. 

We wish to run a face to face course, is there any pre work to be completed?

Relax, everything you need will be delivered in the allocated course time frames. No pre work is required. The only exception is Resilience First Aid which has approximatley a 20 min pre-workshop task to undertake before the training.

Does a 2 day face to face course need to be delivered over 2 consecutive days?

A 2 day face to face course can be delivered over a maximum of 1 week apart on 2 full days of your choice. However, please be aware that if travel, accommodation etc is required, costs will be higher.

How long are the delivery times?

These vary depending on the course. Generally, face to face is half a day, a full day or 2 full days. Online courses are either 2 or 3 Zoom sessions lasting up to 5 hours each. 

Are the courses accredited and if so, are they recognised across the whole of Australia? What about overseas?

Except for the half day MHFA workshops, excluding the refresher courses, all MHFA courses are accredited for 3 years and are recognised across Australia. 

All other courses are accredited for at least 2 years and are recognised across Australia and overseas. Some do not have an expiry date!

Is the instructor NESA accredited?

NESA recognises the actual MHFA courses. However, please note that Caroline is NOT a NESA accredited instructor. Caroline did look into this but the amount of work required for the applications are extremely cumbersome. The course content does not change regardless of if an instructor is recognised under NESA or not. You may still be able to gain PD points – please check with your relevant board/governing body. 

Caroline and Rejuvenating Spirits are recognised by the Departent of Education as an authorised provider of MHFA courses.

We are still a little unsure if a course is right for our workplace, is there a taster available?

You maybe interested in the 90-minute MHFA presentation called Engaging Leaders which will demonstrate why the MHFA courses are so important particularly in the workplace. Evaluations consistently show that MHFA training is associated with improved knowledge of mental illnesses, their treatments and appropriate first aid strategies, and confidence in providing first aid to individuals with mental illness. It is also associated with decreased stigma and an increase in help provided. In this session you will gain a better understanding of how mental health problems in the workplace can have an impact; how to recognise the signs in an employee who may be developing a mental health problem; and how Mental Health First Aid can help in the workplace. This course is best suited to leaders, decision makers, and influencers within organisations. Please note there is a fee for this course but 50% of that fee will be deducted from a full course should you wish to proceed. 

Please note there are NO tasters available for any other courses

How do I book?

Please click here to request a booking