One day Face to Face or Two 1/2 days Online

course description

Sometimes when we are talking with others, we may find it awkward and struggle to know what to say or how to respond when having a difficult conversation. By undertaking the Accidental Counsellor course, you will be provided with some practical skills that will enable you to respond in a more helpful and appropriate way. 

The Accidental Counsellor course is the preferred choice for those who may have some basic counselling skills but no experience or previous training is required. It will help fine tune your communication skills and make a positive difference to your conversational outcomes.


This course will cover;

Basic counselling skills

You will improve your listening skills

Learn how to help to resolve emotional situations

Learn how to manage your own triggers therefore not take things personally.


This course will expend on the most common communications blockers, how to recognise and overcome them. You will learn how to handle difficult conversations in person, as well as over the phone, in order to achieve an amicable outcome for all parties.

The Accidental Counsellor workbook includes some very comprehensive ideas and counselling tips that you can refer to at any time.